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Ways to Participate (menu)

Exhibit Areas

Advanced Technologies
Overall area of technologies for the realization of Society 5.0
Key Devices
Area of electronic components and devices that support the realization of Society 5.0
Partners Park
Co-creation area, where unique themes are set, and the future society of Society 5.0 is embodied together with partners from all industries and business sectors.
Startup & University
Area for domestic and international startups, as well as universities and educational institutions aiming for social implementation of research results
Posted on the CEATEC Official Website
Exhibitors Deep Dive page (available from September 1st onwards)
An online exhibitor page will be provided free of charge to CEATEC 2023 exhibitors, which can be utilized to reach out and follow up on exhibition information.
Exhibitors may also participate only by posting on the Official Website (charged service).

Conferences (Sponsor Sessions)

Conference venues (sponsor sessions) that can be used to promote exhibits and ideas in the form of lecture talks will be provided in conjunction with CEATEC 2023, for both live venue and online delivery.


In addition to the exhibition booth, ad menu and sponsorship menu, both of which provide high exposure and reach to visitors and media, can be utilized to increase awareness of the exhibit content and the value of the brand.

Ways to Participate – By Area

Ways to Participate – By Area


The exhibition will include talk sessions by top corporate executives and panel discussions featuring several key figures on themes such as Digital Innovation, Digital Garden City, Wellbeing and more.

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