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Banner Advertisements on the Official Website

In addition to exhibition-related information, the CEATEC Official Website provides a wide range of cutting-edge information from exhibitors, sponsoring organizations, and partners, and is viewed daily by a number of users and media.
Exhibitors can make use of the ad menu to place their banners on the CEATEC Official Website.

Eligibility for Use

CEATEC 2023 Exhibitors

Posting Period

September 1 (Fri) – November 30 (Thu), 2023

Display Method

Ads are displayed randomly in rotation on the official Web site.

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How to Apply / Application Period

Application method Fill out the required fields on the “Application Form for Promotion & Support Menu” and submit the form via e-mail.
Submit to CEATEC Management Office
Application form Download Application

Note: Applications will be accepted by the order in which they are submitted.

E-mail address contact2023@ceatec.com
Application period Starts on February 7 (Tue)

Note: Because applications are accepted in first-come, first-served basis, we urge all applicants to check space availability regularly.

Ad Rates

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Ad Menu Size Price (JPY) Limited Availability
Normal Banner W320 × H100 550,000 First 6
Page Center Banner H336 × W280 330,000 First 3
CEATEC Official Website: 2022 Results

No. of sessions: 686,197 (Period between 2022/9/1 and 10/31)
Sessions: Number of visits by users to a website during a specific time period.

Note: The Management Office will contact the applicant for the format and method of submission of the manuscript after processing the application.