Participation Guide

3Partners Park
Co-creation area, where unique themes are set, and the future society of Society 5.0 is embodied together with partners from all industries and business sectors.

Partners Park 企画コンセプト

Participation Eligibilityicipation Eligibility

Companies/organizations that are willing to manage “co-creation” (planning, decoration, coordination of participating companies/ organizations, and all operations) where people, technologies, and information from various industries and business sectors gather under a unique theme aiming at the realization of "Society 5.0".

Area Ideal for Exhibitors with These Needs!

  • Exhibitors who wish to present co-creation with existing partner companies and/or organizations
  • Exhibitors who wish to recruit new partners who share a common purpose and vision

Planning Concept

Partners Park is an area for "co-creating" the digital transformation (DX) of society as a whole, based on themes such as "Wellbeing" and the state concept of Digital Garden City that realizes a "sustainable environment, society, and economy”

Example of a Theme for Application

Services for Future Lifestyles
Medical, Healthcare PHR/EHR, Caregiving and watch over, Health data
Education STEAM fields, Recurrent education, HR development
Traffic, Logistics MAAS, Drone, Autonomous driving
Productivity Improvement Support for digital transformation (DXing) of companies, Co-creation by startups
Agriculture, Food Smart agriculture, Data utilization
Disaster Prevention, Resilience Natural Disaster Preparedness
Formation of Green Society Carbon neutral, Smart cities
Universal Service Smart home, Tourism, Workcation
Digital Infrastructure of the Future

Network Infrastructure
(Cloud, Web 3.0, IoT platform)

Digital infrastructure (hardware and software)
(Semiconductor, Data center, Metaverse, Security)

Partners Park : Zone Configuration

The three zones in the Partners Park will support exhibitors' information dissemination.

Partners Park : Zone ConfigurationPartners Park : Zone ConfigurationPartners Park : Zone ConfigurationPartners Park : Zone Configuration
Partners Park : Zone Configuration
  1. Exhibit Zone for Companies and Organizations

    Area where companies/organizations exhibit according to their own unique themes
  2. Talk Stage

    Area for introducing initiatives by Partners Park exhibitors in the form of conferences and seminars
  3. Trend Zone

    Area for exhibiting prototypes of original products, and case studies of service development that each company or organization has cooperated to create and propose.

Partners Park Exhibit Eligibility

  1. Present a theme on topics such as Society 5.0/Digital Garden City Concept (see next page for results in 2022).
  2. Exhibitors must be comprised of multiple companies/organizations (in principle, individual company/organization cannot exhibit alone).
  3. Exhibitors are requested to set up a space for hands-on experience in their booths.
  4. The representative company or organization applying to exhibit in the Partners Park must organize the companies and organizations that will jointly exhibit in the booth and submit the designated form to the organizer.

Partners Park Exhibit Benefits

  1. Able to publish information in various bulletins and announcements on CEATEC
  2. Opportunity for co-creation with other Partners Park participating companies
  3. Conference slots (talk stage)
  4. Able to set your own participation outlines at your booth (please consult with the organizer for details).

Exhibit Fee and Booth Specifications

Exhibit Fee (All prices listed include consumption tax)

Plan Specifications Exhibit Fee*
Premium Partner 81m² of exclusive space JPY3,300,000
If an exhibitor requires a space larger than 81m², additional JPY44,000 will be charged for each additional square meter of space.
Regular Partner 27m² of exclusive space JPY1,100,000

The above fee does not include expenses required for exhibiting in an exclusive space of an exhibit zone.
Booth decoration, transportation cost of exhibits, labor cost for management staff, electricity fee, etc. will arise separately.

Trend Zone
(supplied with equipment package)
Stall-type booth with approx. 2m frontage width x 2m depth
Supplied accessories: Exhibition stall, company name signage, lighting, and electricity (up to 1kW).

Selection of Booth Location

Exhibitors cannot choose their booth location in this area as it will be decided by the organizer.

Steps After Application

  1. Individual consultations will be held with companies/ organizations that have been chosen to exhibit at the area.
  2. Kick-off meeting is scheduled to be held in mid-May for the Partners Park.

How to Apply

Application Form

Schedule from application to decision to participate in Partners Park area (tentative)
Feb. 7 (Tue), 2023, 10:00 am Start accepting applications
Apr. 28 (Fri), 2023 Application deadline
Early May 2023 Selection of partners
Mid May 2023 Kick-off meeting