Participation Guide

4Startup & University
Area for domestic and international startups, as well as universities and educational institutions aiming for social implementation of research results

Planning Concept

The Startup & University Area is designed for startup companies, and academic institutions including universities, allowing them to market their products, technologies and services as well as understand market needs and find business partners.

Area Composition

The Startup & University Area is an area where "startups" from Japan and abroad that will lead the future and "universities and educational institutions" aiming to implement their research results in society will exhibit.
Events exclusive to the area will be featured, including the Startup Pitch Contest, and a pitch stage that can be used across areas are planned.

Pitch Stage Designed to make pitches to companies, partners, and media, each Pitch Stage seats about thirty.

Participation Eligibility

  • Companies that have been in business for less than 9 years (established in October 2014 or later)
  • Universities and educational institutions

Participation Benefits and Features

  • Outstanding Cost Performance
    Offered with a reasonable booth fee, exhibitors can expect to attract wide audiences in this area. Make use of this opportunity to market products, technologies and services, identify market needs, and find business partners.
  • Efficient Exhibition Activities
    Booths are packaged, and exhibitors with only one person in charge are welcomed. The burden of setting up and taking down the booth is minimal, making it more efficient.

Exhibit Fee and Booth Specifications
(All rates include consumption tax)

Exhibit Fee

1 booth JPY132,000
2 booths JPY264,000

Booth Specifications

  • ● Facilities and Amenities included in the Booth
    • Foundation panel
    • Display counter (900 mm high with storage space)
    • A separate table
    • Stool
    • Company name board
    • Two electricity sockets (up to 500W output capacity)
    • Lighting fixtures (for the signboard and display counter)
  • ● Set of Tools for Exhibition
    • Exhibitor badges: 15 badges per booth, 30 for 2 booths
    • Vehicle pass: One per an exhibitor (application required; no additional vehicle pass or reissuance is allowed.)
  • ● General Facilities
    • Storage room

Selection of Booth Location

Exhibitors cannot choose their booth location in this area as it will be decided by the organizer.