Promotions & Support

Outdoor Advertising
(Advertisements to reach out to booth visitors at the exhibition venue)

Advertising plans are available (for a fee) both inside and outside the venue to promote your brand to visitors and attract them to your booth.
Signage advertising is available along the flow line from JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station to Makuhari Messe to effectively attract visitors to the exhibitor booths.

Eligibility for Use

CEATEC 2023 Exhibitors

Posting Period

October 17 (Tue) – October 20 (Fri), 2023

How to Apply / Application Period

Application method Fill out the required fields on the “Application Form for Promotion & Support Menu” and submit the form via e-mail.
Submit to CEATEC Management Office
Application form Download Application

Note: Applications will be accepted by the order in which they are submitted.

E-mail address contact2023@ceatec.com
Application period February 7 (Tue) – July 28 (Fri), 2023

Note: Because applications are accepted in first-come, first-served basis, we urge all applicants to check space availability regularly.

Ad Rates

(Scroll horizontally to view the table on a vertical screen such as smartphones.)

Code Ad Menu Availability Size Price (JPY)
AD1 Banners on arched deck in front of the station (set of four) 1 W3500×H900 847,000/td>
AD2 Pillar signs in front of the station (set of six) 1 W1413(φ450)×H2800 1,320,000
AD3 Banner on the 1st floor of the square deck (station side) 1 W4000×H900 297,000
AD4 Banner on the 1st floor of the square deck (Messe side) 1 W5400×H900 396,000
AD5 Outdoor bow-shaped signage (1 sign) 8 W600×H1800 88,000
AD6 Event publicity sign (1 sign) 4 W7500×H3300 1,298,000
AD6 Event publicity sign (set of three) 1 W7500×H9900 3,894,000
AD7 Central Entrance sheet signs (set of three surfaces) 1 Consult 3,025,000
AD8 Center Mall suspended signs (set of left & right, double-sided) 9 W1500×H300 385,000
AD9 Center Mall pillar signs (set of four surfaces x two) 5 W990×H2700 990,000
AD10 Glass advertisement at the entrance to the halls, Center Mall 9 W2200×H1200 93,500
AD11 Glass advertisement in the lounge, Center Mall 5 W8000×H1800 682,000
AD12 Floor sign, escalator landing in the halls 8 W9000×H4000 1,342,000
AD13 Ceiling suspended banner inside the halls, single surface Above the exhibit booth W5400×H4000 1,155,000
AD14 Ceiling suspended banners inside the halls, double surfaces (double-sided) W5400×H4000 1,595,000
AD15 Ceiling suspended banners inside the halls, three surfaces W5400×H4000 2,200,000
AD16 Ceiling suspended banners inside the halls, four surfaces W5400×H4000 2,640,000

Ad Location

Please note that the available locations may change after the application is submitted, depending on the number of halls used and other conditions.

Ad Location 1

Ad Location 2

Outdoor advertising expects exposure with 95% of all visitors.
Visitor traffic ratio (station: 95% / parking lot: 5%)

About outdoor advertisements:
  • Review of corporate advertising materials will be conducted based on the outdoor advertising ordinances of Chiba City.
  • The following stipulations must be adhered to regarding design details.
    1. Eligibility for the posting of advertisements will be limited to participants directly involved in the exhibition as exhibitors, sponsors, partners, etc.
    2. Advertising content must not negatively affect the surrounding area using excessive black or primary colors.
    3. Advertising content must not negatively affect the surrounding environs or impinge traffic safety using fluorescent paint, light-emitting materials or highly-reflective materials, etc.
    4. Adherence to Chiba City advertising standards guidelines Article 5 and Chiba City advertising standards Article 4 and Article 5 is required.
  • Please be sure to indicate the event name, session, and the hall number to be used at Makuhari Messe.
  • If advertising content is determined as not consistent with information provided on the application, etc., ad postings may be cancelled by Makuhari Messe, Inc. Makuhari Messe and CEATEC Management Office will not be responsible for any damage resulting from removal of advertising.
  • Please note that the details and/or ad placement locations are subject to change without notice due to public work commitments of Chiba City or Chiba Prefecture.
About ceiling suspended banner above exhibitor’s booth:
  • The ceiling suspended banner above exhibitor’s booth will be set at the height of 8.5 meters from the floor to the lower edge of the banner and will be installed by CEATEC Management Office prior to the exhibitor’s loading. However, there are some locations where the banner cannot be installed with a height of 8.5 meters due to the venue building frame. Please contact CEATEC Management Office for details if considering installing the banner.
  • Please note in advance that truss of the suspension structure may contact in some instances. However, we cannot accept any request to re-hang the banner. We ask such exhibitor to contact the company designated for construction in advance to make arrangements. All other individual on-site services will be charged for.
  • The installer will do their best to hang from the desired position, however, please understand that some misalignment may occur due to the condition of the hanging root of the building frame.

Venue Facility Sponsorship and Equipment Suppliers

CEATEC has established a sponsorship program for companies and organizations to provide service facilities as a way to enhance hospitality for visitors and the press.
Details will be posted on the official CEATEC website around July.