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E-mail Newsletter Advertisements

At CEATEC, a wide range of information in the form of e-mail newsletter is distributed to visitors through our user database, in order to promote advance registration, strengthen access to the Official Website, and raise the level of anticipation leading up to the commencement of the show. We will post text banner advertising for exhibitors in this mail magazine.

Eligibility for Useibility for Use

CEATEC 2023 Exhibitors

Posting Period

October 17 (Tue) – October 20 (Fri), 2023

Newsletter Deliveries
Sept. 20 (Wed) Text format Sept. 27 (Wed)Text format Oct. 4 (Wed)Text format Oct. 10 (Tue)Text format
Oct. 11 (Wed)Text format Oct. 12 (Thu)Text format Oct. 13 (Fri)Text format Oct. 16 (Mon)HTML format
Oct. 17 (Tue)HTML format Oct. 18 (Wed)HTML format Oct. 19 (Thu)HTML format Oct. 20 (Fri)HTML format

How to Apply / Application Period

Application method Fill out the required fields on the “Application Form for Promotion & Support Menu” and submit the form via e-mail.
Submit to CEATEC Management Office
Application form Download Application

Note: Applications will be accepted by the order in which they are submitted.

E-mail address contact2023@ceatec.com
Application Period Starts on February 7 (Tue)

Note: Because applications are accepted in first-come, first-served basis, we urge all applicants to check space availability regularly.

Ad rate JPY220,000 (incl. consumption tax)

Visitor database: Approx. 300,000

Notes: Visitors registering in 2023 will be added as needed.

Deliveries are made in text e-mail or HTML format; delivery date varies depending on the delivery format. Refer to the dates in the aforementioned Newsletter Deliveries.

Number of Application Slots

The first 3 applications received(first-come, first-served) will be accepted per distribution. Requests for distribution on multiple days are also accepted.

Notes: Please indicate on the application form the date you would like to insert and distribute the newsletter. The Management Office will inform you of the date of distribution and the deadline for submitting the document.

Document Submission

Text of no more than 38 2-byte or 76 1-byte characters x 7 lines (266 2-byte or 532 1-byte characters), or a banner (size: W600 x H200).

Notes: The content of the text must be limited to information on the CEATEC 2023 exhibition. Please be sure to include the name of the exhibitor in the text. Submit your document to the Management Office at least 3 business days prior to the date of distribution.