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Announcing the Winners of CEATEC AWARD 2023’s Global Category



The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Keiji Kojima, Director and Chairman; also Director, Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO of Hitachi, Ltd.) is pleased to announce the recipients of the CEATEC AWARD 2023’s Global Category.
The CEATEC AWARD 2023 that is implemented with the goal of realizing Society 5.0, which will contribute to the creation and development of new value and markets while invigorating related industries, has selected ARC SYSTEM by R2C2 Limited as the winner of the newly established Global Category Award.
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Global Category

■ Grand Prix
R2C2 Limited (Hong Kong)

The R2C2 platform is a universal robot coordination platform that can be used to monitor, control, and assign automated inspection and patrol missions to robot fleets formed by robots from different manufacturers. Through 5G technology, the R2C2 ARC device allows remote access and control of supported robots. It can also acquire real-time video feeds from robots via low-latency video transmission to control, collect data, and perform maintenance tasks on the robots. The R2C2 ARC device is equipped with an AI computer, cameras, and other sensors to enhance robot inspection and navigation capabilities, bringing autonomy and inspection capabilities to conventional robots.


Robots are being introduced in many industries, but are challenged by the fact that each robot can only operate for its own specific purpose. When combined with R2C2 ARC (AI-Robot-Collaboration), an intelligent robot integration system provided by R2C2, various types of robots can be controlled on a common platform, thereby advancing robot utilization and solving problems such as labor shortages and accidents. While many Japanese manufacturers have not yet been included in the project, the fact that it supports about 80% of quadruped robots at this point, and also presented solutions that can be used to solve future problems, was highly evaluated for expanding the possibilities and options for robot utilization in the BtoBtoB market.

■ Semi Grand Prix
AI-based wearable solution for a long-term and remote heart monitoring
Cardiomo (Ukraine)

Cardiomo, an AI-based wearable solution for remote patient monitoring and diagnosis, enables smart, continuous, real-time, and cost-effective monitoring outside the hospital. Comprised of a wearable patch and a cloud-based analytics platform, the solution provides early detection of irregular heartbeat with little to no involvement of healthcare professionals, establishes stronger relationships between patients and healthcare professionals, and improves prognosis for patients. Additionally, through the Connected Care model, cardiac complications can be prevented, reducing healthcare costs by reducing hospital admissions and opening up critical hospital resources for emergency and advanced care.


Cardiomo, provided by the company of the same name, is a solution that combines a wearable device and a cloud-based analysis platform to detect cardiac conditions such as irregular heartbeat at an early stage and improve prognosis through AI. Some tests for heart disease involve wearing a device that records heartbeats 24 hours a day, recording and analyzing electrocardiograms over long periods of time during daily life, but the burden on the patient is heavy, including connecting electrodes with wires and wearing a box-shaped device on the body. However, this device allows patients to share their health status not only with the patient but also with their doctors and family members using a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. Because it is a medical device, there are issues to be addressed, such as approval of medical devices in Japan, but the fact that it has been put to practical use in several countries, including Ukraine, and the fact that it is expected to reduce the burden compared to the conventional method, led to its selection for the award.

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