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1General Exhibits

Technology, electronic components/devices, solutions and services for the future with AI toward the realization of Society 5.0


All companies/organizations dealing with total solutions and products for the realization of Society 5.0, and all companies/organizations dealing with electronic components and devices

Companies/organizations with these objectives are participating

  • To communicate their vision and new business model to enhance their corporate brand within and outside of the industry.
  • To effectively promote their own initiatives and promote future purchases, even by business unit.
  • To effectively promote world-first and Japan-first technologies and solutions in a wide range of areas
  • To effectively communicate innovative ideas not only to Japan but also to the rest of the world
  • To introduce products and applications related to electronic components and devices across industry boundaries
  • To find potential customers and new customers beyond the boundaries of the industry
  • To strengthen ongoing and positive relationships with existing and repeat customers
  • To strengthen ties with government, municipalities, and industry associations
  • To confirm the company's superiority and current position in the market, and to obtain firsthand opinions from a wide range of potential customers
  • To motivate employees and related companies, and to improve technical capabilities

Exhibit Booth Plan/Exhibit Fee

Exhibit Booth Fees

Standard booth

Any member corporation of one of
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Information & Telecommunications Network Association of Japan
Software Association of Japan
JPY 396,000/booth(including consumption tax)
Others JPY 440,000/booth(including consumption tax)


● 1booth - 18booth (standard for one - to four-row booths)
standard booth 1booth~18booth (standard for one- to four-row booths)
  1. Each booth will have a width of 3m x depth of 3m.
  2. The organizer will install system panels for exhibitors in rows of booths, including back panels on the rear side and side panels on the sides adjacent to other exhibit Please note that system panels will not be installed on the aisle side of corner boo and independent booths.
● 20 booths or more (block booths)
  1. Each booth will be 9m². 9m² x the total area of the number of booths will be used to specify the width:depth ratio from 2:1 to 1:1.

For details, please refer to the " Exhibition Regulations".

Small Package Booth

Small Package Booth
For 1 booth
For 1 booth: JPY 220,000(including consumption tax)
For 2 booths JPY 440,000(including consumption tax)

Includes equipment package

Standard size

Width 2m x Depth 2m x Height 2.7m
The following are included in the exhibition fee
  • Exhibition stand (depth 990mm x height 975mm with storage space below)
  • Foundation wall
  • Cutting sheet for company name
  • Parapet for displaying company name (300mm wide)
  • Primary trunk line installation and electricity usage fee (up to 1kW free of charge)
  • Electricity socket (single-phase 100 V power supply with capacity up to 1 kW)
  • LED seamless lights

For details, please refer to the "Exhibition Regulations".

Reference: Estimated costs related to exhibiting *For standard booths

1 Exhibit fee
(invoiced by CEATEC)
General JPY 440,000(including consumption tax)
Members JPY 396,000(including consumption tax)
2 Electricity fee for 1Kw application (capacity must be applied for in advance by exhibitors)
Primary trunk line installation fee + electricity usage fee: 1kW = JPY 13,200(including consumption tax)

*Past 1 booth applications have ranged from 1kw to 3kw.

*All electricity charges are based on Kw x unit price, regardless of the time and duration of use.

3 Decorations to be arranged/paid by exhibitors

Decoration package plans (for a fee) are available.
For details, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual to be provided at a later date.

4 Others Expenses for production and equipment related to the contents of the exhibition, such as exhibit items, graphic panels, video images, TV monitors, computers, etc., other decoration expenses, transportation expenses, and expenses related to operations such as personnel expenses for management, etc. are expected.
Example of exhibition expenses: In the case of 6 standard booths
1. Exhibit fee (general) JPY2,640,000
2. Trunk line construction cost + electricity consumption 6kW JPY79,200
3. Exhibit decoration cost Exhibit decoration expenses Arranged by each company, not included in the exhibition fee Other expenses (labor, accommodation, etc.)
4. Other Expenses (Labor, accommodations, etc.) Separate fee

(including consumption tax)