Exhibition Composition

1Partners Park
This area is for “Co-creation" to embody the future society of Society 5.0 with partners from all industries and sectors by setting original themes.

Concept of the Plan

The theme for 2022 is "Digital Garden City".
We aim to create a "park" where people from all industries and regions can come together to create new businesses, support the Digital Garden City, and envision a new society and lifestyle.
The content of the exhibition will be based on a theme set by the exhibitor, and in addition to participating with existing partner companies/organizations, new companies/organizations can be invited to support the theme through CEATEC.

Concept of the Plan

Eligible Participants

Companies/organizations willing to manage (plan, decorate, organize participating companies/organizations, and operate) a "Co-creation" area where people, technology, and information from various industries and business sectors gather under a unique theme aimed at the realization of "Society 5.0”.

Participation Eligibility

  1. Exhibitors must be capable of embodying the concept of Society 5.0 / Digital Garden City.
  2. The area must consist of multiple companies/organizations (No single company/organization can exhibit alone).
  3. A corner for hands-on experience must be set up in the relevant Partners Park.
    Note: Exhibitors signing up for the Regular Partner plan are required to set up an experience corner in the shared space.
  4. The representative company/organization applying to participate in the Partners Park area must organize all companies/organizations participating in the relevant area and submit the specified form to the organizer.

Booth standards and fees

Participation Fee

Exhibition Plan Participation Space Participation Fee
Premium Partner 81㎡ or over JPY3,300,000
Additional charge for over 81 m²: JPY44,000
Regular Partner 27㎡ JPY1,100,000

Note: The Participation fee does not include various costs associated with the exhibition within the exclusive space of individual company zone. Expenses such as booth decoration, transportation of exhibit goods, hiring of management staff, and electrical utility will be charged separately.

Participation Benefits

  1. Announcement on various CEATEC publications
  2. Provide opportunities for co-creation with other Partners Park participating companies
  3. Conferences (Streaming available on the dedicated channel for the Park)
  4. Involvement in the CEATEC operations as a whole only for Premium Partners
  5. Provision of information on the visitor dynamics of CEATEC as a whole only for Premium Partners
  6. Set up original participation rules for the relevant park only for Premium Partners

Deciding on the Booth Location

This will be decided by the organizer. Please note that participating companies/organizations will not be able to select their own booth locations.

How to Apply for Participation

  1. Based on the application content, the organizer will confirm whether the company/organization is eligible for participation.
  2. Once a company/organization has been selected, a meeting will be set up as needed.
  3. The kick-off meeting of the Partners Park is scheduled for May.
How to Apply To apply, download the application form from reference download pagein the CEATEC 2022 website (https://www.ceatec.com) and send in the form to the following email address.
Application period February 22 (Tue) - April 28 (Thu), 2022
Send application form to contact2022@ceatec.com
Partners Park Schedule (Planned)
February 22 (Tue), 2022 Start accepting applications
April 28 (Thu), 2022 Deadline for applications
Beginning of May, 2022 Decision of partners
Mid May, 2022 Partners Park Kick-off Meeting