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Global Park

This area is a complex of pavilions and other facilities that showcase cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions from countries/regions around the world.


  • Overseas companies and startups that will exhibit in the pavilion, as solicited by embassies and public organizations in each country/region.

Advantages and Features of Exhibition

  • New encounters and connections with key persons from a wide range of industries and fields in Japan and abroad, and the creation of partnerships and business opportunities.
  • By exhibiting as a pavilion for each country/region, the barriers faced by overseas companies, such as language and business customs, will be reduced, and the effect of exhibiting will be greater than exhibiting by a single company alone.

Composition of the Global Park (TBD)

  1. Pavilion Zone

    Area where overseas institutions, companies, and startups will exhibit by country/region
  2. Pitch Stage

  3. Meeting Area

Global Park Exhibitor Eligibility

Overseas companies and startups that are invited by embassies and public organizations in each country/region to exhibit in the pavilion.

Benefits of being an exhibitor in Global Park

  1. Publication of information in various CEATEC announcements such as e-newsletters and websites
  2. Communication and networking opportunities (tentative)
  3. Communications and networking support.
    • Use of the Pitch Stage
    • Use of meeting area
    • For more information, please contact us using the form below.

If you have any question, please free to

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Comments from last year's Global Park (Area) exhibitors

  • "CEATEC is valuable because it is a place where we can talk openly about collaboration opportunities with people from different industries”. Partisia, Denmark Partisia, Denmark
  • "It was a great event with a diverse range of industries and an opportunity to build relationships with suppliers. I also like the atmosphere where you can feel that people from all over the world are here”. BEFC, France
  • "The open stands made it easy for people to get in and out and attracted a lot of visitors”. Business Oulu , Finland
  • "It was a good opportunity to find new partners”. Bluwave AI, Ontario, Canada
  • "We hope to expand our customer base and work with companies in the Japanese market. It was great to see so many customers at the show". ShareTech, Taiwan
  • "CEATEC plays a great role in terms of partnerships”. Shorooq Partners, UAE
  • "The location and traffic of Global Area was nice and we were pleased with the significant number of visitors”. Vuzix, USA
  • "It was a good opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds”. GlobalLogic, Ukraine